Using Te-Ka On Teak Decks

Q: I purchased the Te-Ka Scrubless two-part teak cleaner and brightener and am wondering if it’s really “scrubless”?

teak-decksA: Good question! I love product labeling that declares you can simply apply a product and practically walk away only to come back to results that look brand new. Or wax bottles that exclaim “no buffing required”. Trust me, if they say there is no scrubbing or buffing involved, then they’re either assigning different terms to those same actions or there’s no possible way the product can actually work. Case in point – the Te-Ka two-part cleaner and brightener. It works great on dull teak, but there is definitely some “scrubbing” involved. Let me explain…

When you apply the Part A on your wet teak decks, you want to use a soft deck brush to spread it around. Always spread against the grain so as not to open up the grain any more than will already happen. So the term that replaces “scrubbing” is “spreading”. However, if there are oil stains in your teak or green mildew growing along the edges, you’ll need to lightly scrub that area, preferably against the grain. If you need to use a scrub brush that’s medium-course, go ahead, but scrub very lightly over the oil stain or mildew always going against the grain. What I hope people don’t walk away with when buying this product is thinking they can just squirt it on their teak, let it sit in and then hose it off. It still needs to be spread about in an even manner saturating all areas of the teak decks.

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