deckhand-detailing-testimonialsI have pulled these comments from emails that our customers have sent. I am so thankful and appreciative for them (both the customers and their feedback) and look forward to many more years with them.

Anne and Angela (of past A&A detail) and Terry at Yachtfitters (rigger at our dock on Northlake) both said they saw customers’ boats you did this year and you set a new mark!
– Mike M

Thank you, Natalie, for a wonderful job!! Our boat hasn’t been this clean for some time! We will be contacting you about waxing in the fall. Thanks, again.
– Charles H (42 Grand Banks)

Very happy with the work done and will spread the word about Deckhand Detailing.
– Todd S (58 Ocean)

And if I didn’t mention it earlier, the wax job this season was absolutely beautiful–the best ever. Thanks.
– Mark D (34 Hallberg-Rassey)

I want to thank you for all your service and if I can refer you to anyone in our yacht club I will not hesitate. You were a breath of fresh air from what I had before!
– Jim D (41 Meridian)

The boat looks terrific!
– Kristin J (24 Chapparal)

Thank you so much for the really good service all these years.  If you ever need a reference, don’t hesitate to contact me.
– Celia F (52 Hershine)

Just paid your bill on line. I like how automated you are. BTW, I went and visited the boat today. Looks GREAT. Thank you!
– Bob D (57 Voyager)

Hi Natalie. Last Thursday you did a superb job of cleaning my boat, THANK YOU!!!!
– Scott B (38 Helmsman)

The boat looks amazing!  What a great team you have.  Thank you and we look forward to using you guys again in a few months.
– Lisa S (22 Catalina)

Have a great day. The guy across from my moorage needs his boat detailed. Did he ever give you a call? I think that will be 4 boats on our dock. Good work travels fast.
– David K (53 Carver)

Oh and by the way….the boat looks fantastic! 🙂
– Carolyn C (23 Cobalt)

Thanks for the update Natalie. Lee has also done a great job of keeping me posted.  I appreciate you and the crew getting me ready for our trip to Roche Harbor.  🙂
– Brian G (41 Meridian)

You guys did a great job on my boat!
– Stuart O (33 Sea Ray)

Dear Natalie, I was almost blinded when I got on the boat on Friday. WOW.  So shiny and clean!!  You guys did a fantastic job. Thanks very much.
– Peter O (23 Grady White)

Went to boat tonite. Tell amber awesome job. Looks great and thank you!
– Craig R (42 Ocean)

Thanks for a great cleaning job!
– Colin A (48 Krogen)

Thanks! The gals did a great job on the interior!
Liz B (57 Meridian)

Please put me on the list for a full detailing and waxing in the spring. So many people paid us and you a huge compliment by telling us how great the boat looked, they were very impressed! Thanks for all you do!
– Jerry L (58 Krogen)

Hi Natalie, Please pass this message along to your crew… I get many compliments on how clean my boat looks. Even coming back from Blake Island this weekend, the boat was dirty from kids crawling all over with sandy shoes but I still got compliments…many people mention that the boat has a great shine to it. I have never washed the boat myself…so all these compliments go to your team. Please let them know they are doing a noticeably great job.  🙂
– Brian G (41 Meridian)

Thanks for your email Natalie. Please go ahead with the work outlined below. She’s in your more than capable hands! Also, double thanks for looking after OUR pocketbook! By the way – I loved the story on your website – we should all have such a heartwarming startup story!
– Linda O (40′ motoryacht)

Natalie, You are so awesome. Thanks for your diligence. I did notice the boat was cleaned; I had a meeting on the boat the other night and it was nice to show up to a clean boat.
– Michael D (38 Tollycraft)

Thanks for the extra effort.  Much appreciated.  I’ll take it from here, starting with your suggestions.
– Mike Q (47 sailboat)

The final results are in. The boat looks great! I had a great time working with Tom yesterday and every time I thought he was done, he’d pick up a rag and go after some other spot. Smartest thing I’ve done in a long time is let you folks take over the last item on my list. If it doesn’t sell, it sure won’t be because of the appearance. Thanks!
– Bob H (34 Silverton)

We had a spectacular eve on the lake tonight on…the cleanest shiniest boat in Carrillon Pt. Thx to you & Lee!
– Grant R

You guys are doing great work!! Thank you so much!!
– Dan S (51′ motoryacht)

The teak looks amazing. Like the day I bought the boat. Thanks so much!
– Allen C (37 Cobalt)

Thank you, Natalie. The boat looks great inside and out!
– Martin P (26 sailboat)

Keep up the good work!  Every time they see my boat people ask who does such a good job keeping it looking so good and I always tell them you!  You were the talk of the last happy hour at MBYC as well so I think you are doing a great job. Thanks! PS – if you want to leave a few cards in the cup holder at the steering station I would be happy to hand them out when people ask about you.
– Shawn S (34 Formula)

Thanks Natalie.  I appreciate the work that Lee and his crew did!
– Bruce R (41 Meridian)

Natalie, Your guys did a great job this afternoon. They were in and out in a flash and the boat looks great.
– Pete H (51 Navigator)

Hi Natalie, I just wanted to send you a thanks for a really nice detail done on our boat a couple of weeks ago. The young man that did the work that day did a very nice job, especially on the windows. I was very pleased with it. Bring him back anytime.
– Jim C (35 Silverton)

Our boat looked great upon our return!!  Good job on the bird control.  And, THANK YOU for the rapid response to my call for help!!! Great job and many thanks for your keen attention.
– Don E (48′ motoryacht)

Good Morning Natalie – Where have you been all our boating life!?!  We want to thank you so much for taking such good care of our boat for the boat show! It’s such a pleasure working with you – and your crew. You are so very much appreciated for the excellent work you and your crew do for us. Your “customer notes” are just one more reason you are superior to anyone out there. Nobody cares for our boat as you have!  Thank you very, very much.
– Linda O

I’m really pleased with the level of service you have provided this summer. Thank you!
– Jack C (37 Nordic Tug)

Natalie, We stayed aboard our boat Friday night, and it was so nice to have it all clean!  It looked wonderful and we appreciate your time and effort in helping us out! Thanks again!
– Gwen E (54′ motoryacht)

You have been great, Natalie. I will miss you and your crew this summer. If you need a reference, feel free to use my name.
– Peter P (54 Offshore)

Was on my boat Saturday evening with some friends who said how good she looked. Of course I told them it was because of you!
– Joe F (38 Bayliner)

Hey Natalie, Pat says the boat looks awesome and you did a great job! Bet you knew that already though!
– Michelle S (38′ motoryacht)

Sorry I didn’t get a chance today to thank you for your good job on my boat. Job well done!
– Mike A (42′ motoryacht)

Natalie, We are very pleased with everything that has been done. Your detailing crew was outstanding. They did the best job I have ever seen. Thank You!
– John K (92 Ocean Alexander)

Natalie, I just got an email from my husband and he said that the boat looks like new and that you did a great job! Thanks for working so hard to get most of the work done…especially under the circumstances.
– Cindy C (42 Silverton)

Hi Natalie, your crew did such a great job cleaning the boat last week, that we’d like to have you do it again. Give me a call soon.
– Scott S (46′ motoryacht)

Thank you Natalie. I appreciate the quality of your work at Deckhand Detailing, Happy holidays!
– Elaine C (52 Tiara)

Thanks for doing a good job when you said you would!
– Ivan H (26 Glacier Bay)

I wasn’t sure if my husband told you that the boat sold (thanks to your detailing). I couldn’t remember if I emailed you about it. Thanks again!
– Jen B (54′ motoryacht)

Hi Natalie: Lee & Johnny did a marvelous job….. they are great guys and it was a pleasure to have them here. Our boat looks almost brand new!
– Lee M (42 CHB)

Natalie,  Your guy did a very good and thorough job on the boat.  Thanks. Would you please have him wax the dinghy when he has a chance and let me know the charge. Once finished, I also would like to send him an extra bonus, if ok with you.
– Bruce C (60′ motoryacht)

Dear Natalie, We just sold our boat. Thanks for all your great work for these many years. If we ever get back into boating, you will be our first phone call.
– Terry C (48 Sea Ray)

Hi Natalie, Sorry for the delay, I have been gone. Please thank Lee for another great job!
– Rik K (37 Tollycraft)

Lee and his crew do outstanding waxing. Our boat always looks quite special due to their professionalism.
– Dale R (65 Legend)

Thanks, Natalie.  Lee did a great job and was very helpful.
– John R (35 Silverton)

You did an excellent job cleaning the boat. It looks beautiful. Thank you!
– Scott C (50 Meridian)

The boat looks great – We figured it would take a few washings, plus the waxing and some detailing to really look great so we will want to schedule those as soon as possible 🙂 We really felt bad that he had to be out in the pouring rain – but really appreciate that he was willing to do that. Thanks!
– Holly E (41 Meridian)

Hi Natalie, It looks like I’m overdue for a boat waxing. The work that your team did the last time was great. I’d like to get on your schedule for a waxing. Coincidentally I was on the docks yesterday at my marina and learned my slip neighbor who also has 41 Meridian will be getting similar work done by your team. Sounds like you guys are getting a great reputation. Thanks!
– Bruce R (41 Meridian)

Natalie, Thank you for the update. I really appreciate the work you and your crew are putting into this.
– Dale A (58 Ocean Alexander)

Hi Natalie, Thanks for cleaning it up and thanks for always doing such an excellent job on the boat.
– Aaron K (30 Sea Ray)

Hi Natalie, Thanks for the update. I’m not looking for anyone else – you guys are the best!
– Winston C (28 Cobalt)

The boat cleaning Amber did was terrific.  She did a great job. Thank you!
– Mary J (38 Nauticat)

Just want to tell you thanks for taking care of my boat and tell everyone I appreciate the good job.
– Ivan R (26 Glacier Bay)

Your team did an awesome job – we really appreciate it and will call again when we need more work done!
– Jeff B (J30 sailboat)

Natalie, The boat looks great!  Please put me on your monthly wash schedule. Thanks for helping me out on short notice.
– Bob T (61 Navigator)

The boat looks great and you are wonderful to work with!
– Terry B (32 Sea Ray)

Thanks for taking good care of my boat, it is a refreshing change.
– Jim D (32 Carver)

Hi Natalie, Thanks for the great job. I am really impressed with the work. I really enjoyed Lee and the care he showed with my boat.
– Paul P (35 Silverton)

I just wanted to tell you that Lee did an excellent, careful job on the boat and I was very pleased with his work. There was quite a bit of other work going on at the same time but he was flexible and came back several times to coordinate with the other work.
– Barry R (30 Comander)

Would you give Lee my most sincere thanks for a job well done. The boat looks fantastic!
– Steve R (41 Meridian)

I was on her yesterday and is in good shape.  Thank you so much for your great work and care.
– Bruce T (58 Sonship)

Thanks for a job very well done!
– Bernd P (40 sailboat)

My boat has not been this clean since I bought it used in 2004. Thanks to the quality cleaning from your staff I am planning a last minute dinner cruise this evening. Leaving work early today. I am very happy with your service. Thank you!
– Ernie S (27 Sea Ray)

I just wanted to tell you the boat looks great!  The crew did an especially nice job in the cabin interior!
– Allen C (37 Cobalt)

Wow. My boat looks great! Thanks for sending the pics! Can’t wait to see what you are able to do to the inside cockpit – it’s a mess!
– Marji H (29 Sea Ray)

Thanks very much for the update on your services and seasonal information Natalie.  We are enjoying working with you, the boat looks great, and we hope you have a great holiday season yourself!
– Grant R (33 Sea Ray)

The every other week cleaning is great. Thanks for all the good work, the boat always looks beautiful when we go out there.
– Terry C (44 Sea Ray)

Is it okay to pass on your number? Please let me know if you are taking on more clients, I know we are all in desperate need of a great detailer up north and I would highly recommend you and your team.
– Tina S

Your crew did a nice job!! Thank them again for me.
– Mike B (38 Laguna)

We actually got out to the boat this weekend and it looks fabulous. Thank you.
– Janet L (28 Trimaran)

Thanks Natalie! The boat looked GREAT after your detail, and it was so nice to be on a clean ship!
– Olinda B (39 Bayliner)

Hi Natalie, I saw what you’ve done so far and it looks great!
– John G (42 sailboat)

What you did was great, Natalie.  Thanks very much!
– Deborah W (21 Sea Ray)

Wonderful! Thanks much.
– Sherry D

Hi Natalie, Just a short note to thank you for washing my Sea Ray. We did appreciate your efforts!
– Bob O (40′ Sea Ray)

Thanks Natalie. You are a pleasure to work with!
– Gary F (33 Sea Ray)

Natalie, the boat looks great – thanks!
– Bob O (34 Bayliner)

From Brokers
I have had the opportunity to come to know Natalie Sears over the last two and a half years and will gladly share my opinion. She has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to get to know. It is with great care that I select who will help me take care of my clients. She is very even keeled and offers a straightforward approach to handling my customers and their needs. She has made a good name for herself in the marine industry and runs a honest business that pays attention to details. She is great to talk to on a personal level because she actually listens to what you are saying, and can offer her valuable opinion based on her own experiences in business or life. She has had the opportunity to manage her crew for a while and seems to have a good attitude toward her employees. Her crew is always positive even when there are many reasons to look at the negatives while working outside in the cold or rain or both. I have come to know her well enough to find we have a friend in common that used to be her manager at Microsoft. He has told me in no uncertain terms what a terrific person she is. He is not the type that would say that about just anyone.
– JR Yuse (Compass Point Yachts)

Thank you! You always do a great job making us look good.
– Gregg G (Krogen Yachts)

Hi, Natalie — the boats look good — Tom did a super job. Thank you. I’m pleased and will contact you from now one when we need washing.
– Scott H (Waterline Boats)

On My Book “The Insider’s Guide to Boat Cleaning and Detailing”
Dear Natalie, Cleaning boats is not what I usually do but I nearly finished cleaning the outside of a sailboat for someone. My client bought your book and followed your instructions, I used the products you recommended and the boat looks amazing. If I had not done the work myself, I would not have believed the change these products made. If the boat was a woman, I would say she had a facelift and looks vibrant and beautiful. My client was so happy he was ready to kiss her. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
– Teri P

Hello, I bought and read your book and loved everything about it the layout the info and the writing style made if extremely practical and fun to read.  I just want to tell you that it is the best book on boat cleaning that I have read.  I am a new boat owner and I bought every book out there on boat cleaning and maintenance so I really do know what I am talking about.
– Allen R

Hi Natalie, Your boat cleaning and detailing book is fantastic! Since I purchased your book at the beginning of last season, it has become my boat cleaning bible! So much great information, especially the environmentally friendly chapter. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge in the book.
– Rick J

Hello Natalie, I own a 2000 Carver Voyager 530 that is kept at Grafton Harbor on the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis. I purchased your book last night on Android Market and stayed up late reading through most of it. I must say that it is the most complete, well organized description of cleaning a boat that I have read, and I’ve read a lot of them. Well done!
– John P