Mold and Mildew Stay Away Spray

m-and-m-labelMold and Mildew “Stay Away” Spray

Our proprietary blend of tea tree oil and other 100% natural ingredients are scientifically proven to prevent and remove mildew growth and bacteria – naturally!

  • Prevents mold and mildew on all fabrics – just spray it on and leave it, no need to wipe off
  • Removes mildew on smooth surfaces
  • Kills bacteria
  • 100% natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals or bleach

Deckhand Detailing’s Mold & Mildew “Stay Away” Spray prevents the growth of mildew on fabrics, such as canvas, curtains, fabric cushions, outdoor carpets and the underside of vinyl cushions. It also removes mildew growth on smooth surfaces such as gel coat, non-skid, plastic windows, vinyl and rubber.

How To Use

Shake well before each use. Spray liberally on wet or dry fabrics and leave on. No need to rinse. For smooth surfaces, wet the area, spray on, scrub with wash mitt or scrub brush and hose off.

More About Our Mold and Mildew Stay Away Spray

I have always said that the only thing green about boating is the mildew! Almost all boats eventually have mildew or mold growing somewhere in or on them and once it sets in, it can be almost impossible to remove or eradicate. What I love most about our Mold and Mildew “Stay Away” Spray product is that it uses all natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to kill mold, mildew and bacteria. No more having to use harsh chemicals that have strong smells and cause respiratory or skin problems from touching them or breathing them in. Your boat won’t smell like bleach anymore (or stinky vinegar, for that matter) and will actually smell fresh again!

Remove Mold and Mildew Stains on Smooth Surfaces

Our Mold and Mildew “Stay Away” Spray removes mold and mildew growth on smooth surfaces, such as gel coat, fiberglass non-skid, plastic windows and smooth plastic, vinyl and rubber. Just spray it on and work it in with a cloth or brush depending on the surface and rinse off. Since our Mold and Mildew “Stay Away” Spray is made of completely natural ingredients that are phosphate-free and biodegradable, they will not harm aquatic plant or marine life.

Prevent Mold and Mildew On Fabrics

Use on clean exterior or interior fabric materials, such as canvas, fabric cushions, carpets, bedding, curtains, throw pillows and towels, that don’t have any visible mold or mildew stains on them. Simply spray the material with the Mold and Mildew “Stay Away” Spray so the material is lightly damp and leave it on to do its job. No need to wipe it in or wipe or rinse off; it will dry on its own. It doesn’t degrade or discolor the fabric since it’s all natural. Right away, it starts to kill bacteria, mold and mildew and prevent it from growing. Re-apply to all fabrics every couple of months.

If the fabric has mold or mildew stains, you can still use our Mold and Mildew “Stay Away” Spray, but you’ll need to saturate the stain, scrub it with a medium-course bristle brush and rinse well. Once the stain is out, the Mold and Mildew “Stay Away” Spray will prevent it from coming back when used every few weeks to keep mold, mildew and bacteria at bay.

Many Uses!

Use our Mold and Mildew “Stay Away” Spray on your boat and RV (inside and out), on fabric convertible car tops, in older car interiors and around the house.


Size: 16 oz (473 ml)

Price: $14.95