Eco Boat Wash

eco-boat-wash-labelEco Boat Wash

Our Eco Boat Wash is a 100% natural, plant-based, phosphate-free boat wash soap that doesn’t strip or dull wax and is can be used on all surfaces such as gel coat, glass, canvas, vinyl and rubber.

It’s completely safe to use in any environment that allows runoff into the water and contains a nutrient for “native” bacteria that are found in clarifiers and waste water treatment systems. It biodegrades rapidly because it contains no synthetics.

Its enzyme properties help it retard mold and mildew growth without having to use strong chemicals. With its low-sudsing properties, even the strictest marinas allow its use.

Our Eco Boat Wash boat soap is the best all-around boat wash soap to keep your boat clean and mildew-free while abiding by marina and environmental requirements.

How To Use

Our Eco Boat Wash can be used at regular strength as a boat and car wash soap or can be diluted with water to be used as a cleaning spray around the house, boat or RV.

Use 1/2 cup per 3 gallons of water to start with for washing. Always use a soft wash mitt or extra soft deck brush to wash with and rinse well. When using as an all-purpose cleaner, pour 3 parts Eco Boat Wash to one part water into a spray bottle. Simply spray on the surface to be cleaned and wipe off with a clean, dry paper towel or microfiber rag.

How Our Eco Boat Wash Came To Be

Our boat detailing company is based out of Seattle WA and over the years, the environmental regulatory agencies in this area have become more strict with their laws and requirements as to what can and can’t be used to wash and clean boats with that are moored in the water. In order to comply with these rules and avoid fines, marinas have had to restrict what products detailers use on boats. None of the products at our local boating supply store met the qualifications, so we decided to create some of our own products.

The Clean Marina Organization, which most marinas belong to, wrote up a 112-page document outlining all of the rules marinas must follow in order to comply with the new regulations. The requirements for a “boat soap” is that is must be phosphate-free, leave virtually no suds in the water and not harm native flora and fauna. We took those requirements to our manufacturer and after a year of going back and forth, testing each new version of our Eco Boat Wash on very dirty boats, we finally found a formula that cleans well and meets the strict requirements. (Learn more about the Clean Marina organization here.)

For Marina Owners and Harbormasters

If you own or operate a marina that is part of the Clean Marina organization or simply want to make sure you’re complying with environmental policies, you’ll definitely want to offer Eco Boat Wash at your marina. You can require that both your moorage customers and boat detailers use our Eco Boat Wash boat soap and cleaner instead of letting them choose they’re own cleaning products that most likely contain harsh chemicals and don’t comply with the strict environmental regulations.

To learn more about carrying our Eco Boat Wash product at your marina, please fill out our form below and we’ll contact you soon to talk with you about our Eco Boat Wash program for marinas.

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