Ceramic Pro

Deckhand Detailing is now the official installer of Ceramic Pro marine products in the Seattle area. Ceramic Pro nano-protective coatings can be used on almost any material or surface to protect from UV rays, color fading, oxidation, scratching, moisture and water penetration, stains and spills, salt spray and water spotting.

Ceramic Pro’s marine coatings offer:

Permanent Protection – Unlike a wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time, Ceramic Pro is a nano-ceramic coating (think liquid glass) that forms a permanent adhesion to the gel coat.

Hardness Above 9H – Once cured, it creates a surface that can withstand scuffing and minor scratches. Simply wipe away with a microfiber cloth. The glass coat is above 9H on the pencil test scale, which is used in the coating industry to determine a mineral’s hardness. 9H is the highest on the scale. If maintained correctly, the coating will stay hard for life.

Oxidation and Corrosion Resistance – The Ceramic Pro coating will prevent water, salt and pollutants from coming in contact with the paint, gel coat or metal that it has been applied to. This helps the materials on your boat last longer time with easier maintenance.

UV Protection – Ceramic Pro protects against harmful UV rays, which helps keep gel coat from oxidizing and other materials from fading or breaking down over time.

Ultimate Gloss – When applied to a fresh layer of gel coat on older ski boats or applied to new gel coat, the Ceramic Pro coating provides a permanent shine and color depth – something that wax alone can’t do.

You’ll never have to worry about your red Malibu becoming pink or your dark Cobalt hull turning a pale blue or rain grey again when using Ceramic Pro coating on your ski boat. Water will bead up on any surface Ceramic Pro is applied to and prevent oxidation from degrading surfaces and materials. Colors will stay bright, surfaces glossy and spot-free.

Ceramic Pro lasts three times as long as wax and is easy to maintain after the initial application.

Marine Applications

Ceramic Pro can be applied to almost any area or material inside and outside your boat.

  • Gel coat – protects from UV rays, light scratches, color fading and water spotting for 3 to 5 years
  • Canvas enclosures and covers – water beads off helping keep them cleaner and free of mildew growth
  • Plastic, rubber and vinyl (such as the helm station area, dinghy, vinyl seating) – protects against UV rays and fading, water beads off surfaces
  • Plastic windows (Isinglass, Strataglass) – helps them stay cleaner longer since water beads off the surface (no water spotting), protects from light scratches and prevents hazing caused by UV rays
  • Metal railings, cleats and trim – keep them free of corrosion and rust, water beads off and salt spray won’t penetrate through the Ceramic Pro coating
  • Aluminum boats and trim – prevents corrosion, easier to clean
  • Glass windows – water beads off, less use of windshield wipers, free of water spots
  • Ceramic stovetops – no more baked-on food stains
  • Stainless steel appliances – easier to clean
  • Faucets and fixtures – no more water spotting, easier to clean
  • Varnished wood rails and trim – helps varnish last longer, less maintenance
  • Showers, sinks and counters – makes them easier to clean, soap scum wipes right off, water beads up
  • Leather and suede covers, furnishings and shoes – protects them from stains and water
  • Painted boats (Awlgrip, Imron) – protects from UV rays, light scratches, color fading and water spotting for 3 to 5 years

Interested in learning more about our Ceramic Pro applications or having it applied to your boat?

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Ceramic Pro can also be used on the interior and exterior your car or truck. For auto applications, visit Accutint NW.