Long-Lasting Boat Polish (for white or off-white boats)

long-lasting-boat-polishOur Polish Lasts Twice As Long!

We’ve been detailing boats for 20+ years in the Seattle area and even here, where we don’t get the amount of sun that boaters in the southern states get, we still have to wax boats every nine months to prevent gel coat from oxidation and fading. Even we think that seems like an outdated way to care for a boat!

That’s why we created a product meant for white or off-white boats that lasts two to three times longer than regular wax or polish. We’ve been using and testing our own product for years now and we’ve even been surprised at how long it lasts over other waxes and polishes on the market.

How To Use

As with any wax or polish, only apply it to gel coat or painted surfaces that are free of oxidation. For newer boats with no oxidation, you can go ahead and apply our Long-Lasting Boat Polish by hand or with a buffer. We always prefer to work with a buffer (we recommend the DeWalt 849x) because it’s the only way to get perfect results, but if you can only apply by hand, you’ll still reap the benefits of our polish lasting for two to three years.

If your boat has oxidation, you’ll first need to remove that oxidation with a power buffer and rubbing compound (we recommend 3M Perfect It or Meguiar’s rubbing compound) using a compounding pad (the yellow one). Once the oxidation is gone, apply our Long-Lasting Boat Polish with a buffer and a polishing pad (the white one) or by hand.

In two or three years, simply re-apply our Long-Lasting Boat Polish by buffer or by hand. This isn’t a “hard candy shell” that needs to be stripped down before re-applying. It’s just like wax in that sense. Want to make sure your boat is still protected? Simply re-apply. It’s that simple!

If you use a boat detailing company to wax your boat each year, have them remove oxidation (if necessary) just as they normally would and then have them apply our Long-Lasting Boat Polish as they would normally apply any other wax or polish. We suggest keeping a bottle of it on your boat so they can use it as they need to over the next few years, but you’ll now be able to go a lot longer in between the big wax jobs.