Clean and Protect One-Step Spray

Dirt Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Our Clean and Protect One-Step Spray has many uses in and around your boat (and car and RV, for that matter). It lifts dust and dirt allowing you to clean exterior surfaces without having to wash or hose them down first. This is great when water isn’t available or if you want to do some cleaning while under way. It’s the perfect spray cleaner to touch up areas in between washes.

Gel Coat and Fiberglass: Spray directly on gel coat and fiberglass surfaces to clean without washing, remove dirt and dust, and further protect your gel coat from oxidation in between your yearly wax jobs. Use our Clean and Protect One-Step Spray on all smooth gel coat surfaces to remove light stains and water streaks and add shine.

Plastic Windows: Our Clean and Protect One-Step Spray is perfectly safe to use on plastic windows (also known as Isenglass and Strataglass). Use with a clean microfiber rag and wipe from side to side. Our cleaner is anti-static, which helps to repel dirt, dust and salt spray, protecting your plastic windows and making them last longer while also making them easier to clean. The less you can touch your plastic windows, the better, so why not use one that decreases the amount of cleaning and wiping you need to do in the first place!

Vinyl Seat Cushions: Use on vinyl to clean and protect while leaving a nice sheen. They’ll look newer longer when protected from harsh UV rays that cause the vinyl to eventually degrade and split.

Rubber and Plastic: Clean and protect the dash area in the helm station and use it on the rubber pontoons of your tender to protect them from drying and cracking over time. Spray on black plastic or rubber trim to keep it black and protected for UV rays that cause fading.

Sinks and Showers: Spray and wipe on sinks and shower walls and doors to help water bead up and run off easier to prevent soap scum from setting in.