Deckhand Detailing now offers a line of boat cleaning and detailing products for both boat owners and boat detailers!

We’ve been right there with you in the boat cleaning aisle of your local boat supply store, getting lured in by all the labels promising “easy to use” or “no scrubbing” or maybe it was just the picture of a bikini babe sitting on the bow of a boat who doesn’t even know exactly what a boat is. Chances are, many of those products are still sitting in your storage locker, half used and taking up precious space.

We know because we’ve been there. We’ve been detailing boats for over 20 years and we’ve tried hundreds of products ourselves and have only been truly happy with just a few. Recently, we decided to try making our own products. That was a couple years ago and we’ve been using them ever since. We have definitely put them to the test!

With our products, we’ll show you exactly how to use them and offer support along the way. This is one of the main issues with most products. They’re touted as “easy to use” but they actually require more work on your part than they promise, so the user doesn’t use them right (you actually did need to scrub a little) and they think the product didn’t work when really it simply needed better, more realistic instructions. We’re even happy to help answer questions about the products you already own, but haven’t mastered.

All products will soon be for sale on this site, and at select boating supply stores across the country. We’ll be making a big announcement soon to let everyone know when they’re available.

Cleaning Products

Mold and Mildew “Stay Away” Spray: Removes mildew on smooth surfaces and prevents mildew on fabrics and other materials.

Eco Boat Wash: A powerful boat soap made of all-natural ingredients that’s phosphate-free and biodegradable, helps remove mold and mildew and is allowed even at marinas with strict environmental policies.

Detailing Products

Ceramic Pro: Ceramic Pro is the ultimate, nano-protective coating that can be applied to almost any surface or material inside and outside of your boat to protect it from oxidation, water spots, UV rays, dust, color fading, scratches and so much more!

Clean and Protect One-Step Spray: Clean and polish gel coat, plastic windows, vinyl, rubber, ceramic, stainless and more with our spray on, wipe off spray. Great for cleaning a boat or car when you don’t have access to water.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wax: Use in and around your boat (or your car, house or RV) to clean stains and marks and remove water streaks, bird and spider droppings, soap scum, rust and more!

Long-Lasting Boat Polish (for white and off-white boats): Our boat polish lasts for two to three years leaving your boat with a nice shine you don’t need to fuss with.