Prevent Mold And Mildew From Forming Inside Your Boat’s Cockpit

Q: What’s the best way to prevent mildew from forming inside the cabin and the cockpit?

A: If you’re trying to prevent mildew from forming in your boat during the wetter months, you want to make sure there is enough air flow in your boat and no humidity. You can do this inside your boat with a dehumidifier and a fan or air conditioner. It’s not that you’re trying to keep your boat warm, but rather you’re trying to move air around, which is where the fan or air conditioner comes into play. In fact, mildew loves warmth, so don’t let your boat get too warm, especially if there’s no air movement.

For the enclosed cockpit or fly bridge area, it’s best to make sure there is some natural air flow coming in under or through the canvas. Most people with ski boats put the canvas cover on so tight that there’s no movement of air and when they remove the canvas cover in the spring, a layer of mildew has formed on every surface. You should also purchase some moisture absorbers such as Star Brite’s No Damp Dehumidifier. These are great for an area with no plug outlets or inside the enclosure because they’re inexpensive and can be placed in several areas to absorb moisture.

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