Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro marine and auto coatings make wax look old fashioned! Ceramic Pro is a liquid-glass coating that bonds with the clear coat or gel coat and lasts much longer than wax. With Ceramic Pro, your boat or car will look as good three years from now as it does the day it’s applied.

Deckhand Detailing has become one of the few authorized distributors of Ceramic Pro in North America. We were so impressed after seeing the amazing results of Ceramic Pro on cars and boats years after it was applied that we became a distributor.

Ceramic Pro For Boats
There are two levels of Ceramic Pro coatings for boats – Bravo and Marine. They both offer the same complete protection from oxidation, corrosion, rust, spider and bird droppings, water spotting, rain streaks and salt spray. Bravo lasts for 18 months while Marine lasts for 3 years.

Ceramic Pro must be applied on boats in a covered or enclosed space and needs 24 to 48 hours to cure using heat lamps so it can fully bond with the surface. Although Ceramic Pro is great for any type and size of boat, it’s best for ski boats and tenders that can more easily be trailered or moved into an enclosed space.

Ceramic Pro For Cars
Cars coated with Ceramic Pro will not only look like they were freshly painted but will also resist oxidation, dirt and dust, road grime, light scratches and water spotting. Just hose off your car and wipe dry. Choose from a three, five or lifetime warranty.

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Here are some videos to help you better understand what Ceramic Pro can do.

  • Video #1 demonstrates it’s protective coating and superior water beading properties.
  • Video #2 shows how well water beads off and leaves a deep, liquid-glass shine.
  • Video #3 shows how well Ceramic Pro works on cars.

FAQs About Ceramic Pro

Q: What’s the difference between wax and this type of coating?

A: Wax degrades slowly over time, starting about 3 months after it’s applied so that by the end of it’s useful life around 9 to 12 months, your boat or car has no wax left and the oxidation has come back, making it look dull and faded again. Carnauba wax degrades even faster because it’s a natural product.

Ceramic Pro coatings are nothing like wax. They bond with the painted surface or gel coat, like a hard candy shell, that makes the surface completely impervious to the elements. Your boat or car won’t become oxidized ever again and will look as glossy years later as it did the first day it was applied.

Q: Is Ceramic Pro similar to Poliglow or Vertglas?

A: Absolutely not (thank goodness)! Those types of polishes sit on top of the gel coat instead of bonding with it. This creates a nice shiny surface at first, but it constantly needs to be reapplied with many layers in order to keep it looking that way. If even one reapplication is missed, it can start to peel. At that point, you have to completely remove all the layers you’ve so tediously built up with heavy compounding or even wet sanding if it’s been on there for a while. Because the prep and re-application is time consuming and difficult, most people never reapply it and end up with a peeling mess a year later that needs to be completely removed.

Q: Can Ceramic Pro be applied to any type of boat?

A: Yes! It can be applied to painted boats, gel coat or aluminum boats, as well as different types of materials such as rubber, vinyl and metal. Boats that are smaller such as dinghies, ski boats or cabin cruisers under 30 ft are perfect for Ceramic Pro Bravo or Marine since they can be trailered to a covered space where Ceramic Pro can be professionally applied and properly cured. Ceramic Pro can be used on any size boat as long as it can be applied in a covered space with infrared heaters to speed curing time.

Q: Does Ceramic Pro need to be reapplied every so often?

A: Yes. Your detailer will apply the maintenance applications every 18 to 36 months after the initial application depending on which Ceramic Pro product you chose. The maintenance applications take much less time and don’t require compounding the boat again, so this service is less than what a typical wax job costs.

Q: Can I wash my boat or car less often?

A: Actually, yes! Once your boat or car has been coated with Ceramic Pro, you can literally just hose off bird and spider droppings, dirt and dust, fish blood and salt spray, while water streaks from rain wipe right off with a rag. Then just wipe dry. You can still use soap if you want to give it a more thorough wash or take your car through the car wash, but for the most part, a hose down is all you’ll need to keep your it clean.

Q: What does Ceramic Pro protect against?

A: Oxidation, corrosion, rust, dirt, dust, light scratches, fish blood, food and beverage stains, bird and spider droppings, road grime, water spotting and rain streaks.

Q: Does Ceramic Pro come with a warranty?

A: Ceramic Pro Marine comes with a 3-year warranty that can be extended each year after that simply by re-applying the Marine coating. No more compounding is necessary. Ceramic Pro 9H, which is used on autos, comes with two, three, five and lifetime warranty options.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The initial application will be more than a typical wax job because it lasts so much longer than wax and eliminates future compounding, which alone saves considerable time and money. You’ll no longer be paying for a wax job every year.

Fill out our Ceramic Pro inquiry form so one of our Ceramic Pro installers can contact you with more information and a quote.