Boat Security Systems

Imagine having a security system on your boat that’s easy to use, highly customizable and can be accessed from the control panel on your boat, an app on your phone or from a web site. Securing a boat requires a different solution than securing a home because it must accommodate special situations. We’ve been working on boats for over 25 years and have designed the perfect security and monitoring system made especially for boats. (And it happens to work just as well in your home too!)


Security Sensors
It all starts with security sensors specifically chosen for your boat’s layout, whether you have a 29 ft sailboat or a 69 ft motor yacht. Our main security sensors include door alarms, glass breaking alarms and thermal motion alarms.

Control Panel
All sensors are linked to the touchscreen control panel that resides on your boat. It’s the brains of the operation that allows you to easily set up your security system and customize it based on what you want to monitor and how and who should be alerted.

App and Web Site AccessPicture
Once you’re system is set up, you can access and control it from the app or web site. Arm it, disarm it, change the alerts, set up a new user – you’re in control no matter where you are.

Activity Monitoring
Our system can also monitor activity and let you know when a door has been opened if you’re on the boat (great if young kids are aboard) or let you view activity from afar (how many hours did the house cleaner actually spend inside).


Control and automate systems remotely so you can have peace of mind no matter where you are.

Turn the heat or A/C on before you arrive so your boat is the perfect temperature when you board.

Arrive to a well lit boat or turn lights on automatically so it looks as if someone is onboard.

Image Sensors
See what’s happening on your boat when you’re not there. The image sensor snaps a photo when it detects motion and sends it to you in real time.

Water and Bilge Alarms
Avoid water damage in the cabin or engine/bilge area with integrated water sensors and valves that react automatically at signs of trouble.

Smoke and CO2 Detectors
Receive alerts any time smoke is detected or carbon monoxide levels are unsafe.


24/7 Support
Get peace of mind with professional monitoring and technology powered by, the leading Smart Home Security platform used by over 2 million people. Video tutorials and comprehensive “how to” information is included on the control panel, the app and the web site. Your support contact will also be available to help with any questions you need answered when you need them.

The app works on both iOS and Android phones. The control panel is uniquely based on Google’s Android operating system, is integrated with and uses WiFi, Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology for a completely wire-free install and “all-in-one” wireless communication system.

How It Works


Once you place your order, we start setting up your system from the back end. This includes choosing the sensors and linking them with your account and to your control panel. We’ll then deliver your new security system to your boat, install the sensors and show you how to use it.

The door and window sensors can be adhered to the door or window and its frame, so there’s no need to use a drill or screw holes into any surfaces. The thermal motion sensor can be affixed with adhesive, screwed in or set securely on a flat surface. ​

There’s an internal rechargeable battery in the control panel allowing it to keep working for 24 hours on battery power if there’s ever a power outage or for the siren to continue making noise even if a thief unplugs the system.


Once your sensors are installed, you can decide how you want the system to work and add users to the system to be alerted when alarms go off or when activity is detected.

Door/window senors: When the door or window is opened, it can sound a chime if the system isn’t armed (an optional feature, great for when you have kids on board) or it will sound a loud, shrill alarm if the system is armed. As we all know how well sound carries over water, this will be all it takes to encourage a thief to get the heck off your boat!

Thermal Motion Sensor: If you have a larger boat, you can choose to put a door/window sensor on every door and window large enough for someone to climb through or you can use the door/window sensors on the main doors only and put a thermal motion sensor in the main cabin. The thermal motion sensor detects changes in heat signatures, so if someone breaks in through a window that isn’t armed with a door/window sensor, the thermal motion sensor will detect their movement and set off the alarm.

Assign codes: Assign a different code to friends, family and contractors so you can track who is using the boat and when. Set a code for the mechanic to only allow him access during the time he needs to be there. If they come back after that time, their code will no longer work and they won’t be able to disarm the alarm panel.


When you’re ready to arm your system, you can do it directly from the control panel before you leave your boat or from anywhere through the app on your phone or from the web site.

Staying on your boat: Arm the system to “stay” before you go to bed and know that you and your family will be alerted to anyone trying to get inside.

Leaving your boat: Arm the system to “away” when you’re leaving your boat. You’ll have a certain amount of time to arm the system and leave (you can customize the amount of time) or simply arm the system from your cell phone.

Automatic Arming: You can set it up to automatically arm the system if it detects you’ve been away from your boat (based on your cell phone’s GPS location) for more than a certain number of minutes that you choose. What an easy way to arm your system – just walk away!

The alarm will go off and you’ll be notified by text if:

  • Someone opens a door or window that has a sensor on it.
  • The thermal image motion sensor detects someone in the room once the system is turned to Arm – Away.
  • Someone tries to tamper with any of the sensors. A picture is taken from the control panel each time someone disarms (or tries to disarm) the system. The built-in camera takes photos on both disarm and alarm events.


  • Comes with security stickers you can place on exterior windows and doors to warn possible intruders.
  • Transferable with the boat or you can keep it or use it for your next boat or at home.
  • Control panel doubles as a digital photo frame. Simply add photos with an SD card.

Contact us today to learn more or buy and sign up! A complete security systems is only $995. Monthly support and monitoring services are $30/mo with a 3-year or 5-year contract.