Boat Detailing Kits

We’ve been detailing boats for over two decades and we know which products work and which ones just look good on the shelf (and should stay there). Not only will your lucky recipient of our detail kit receive some of the best products out there, they’ll also receive two of our books about boat cleaning and detailing, as well as handy maintenance reference sheets that describe when and how to use each product included in their kit.

Whether your customer is a first-time boat owner or has owned boats their whole life, our boat detailing kit will get them on the right track. These are the only detailing products a boater needs to keep their boat clean and shiny, inside and out. If they have half used containers of other cleaners they’ve tried in the past, they can finally throw them out. And once they know which products to use, they’ll know what to look for or order online when they need to replenish their supply.

Our boat detailing kit includes the following items:

  • The Insider’s Guide to Boat Cleaning and Detailing book written by Natalie. It’s a great reference book for any boat owner on how to clean and detail their boat the proper way.
  • Our Q&A boat maintenance e-book, which is a collection of the most common questions our customers have had over the years about cleaning and detailing their boat.
  • Info sheets on how to use each product in the kit
  • Absorber chamois
  • 303 Aerospace protectant
  • Collinite Fleetwax
  • Shurhold extra soft blue brush head and extedable pole attachment
  • Shurhold water blade
  • Z-Care Mildew spray
  • Mermaids boat soap

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Price: $180 for the whole package (the retail price for all of these items is well over $200) plus free shipping! (Sales tax will be added at checkout.)

This is a tiny percent of your commission and makes a great impression with your customers.
They’ll definitely be leaving good reviews and telling their boating friends about how much you cared. 

Ordering is quick and easy! Whenever you want to order a detailing kit for a customer, simply click on the Buy A Kit link below. You’ll be taken to our PayPal page to pay for your kit. Follow the instructions to provide us with the recipient’s name and email address. For the shipping address, use your recipient’s mailing address.

As soon as we receive your order, we’ll send your recipient an email to let them know that a gift from you is on its way. We’ll also include the Q&A e-book and info sheets about each product so they know what to look forward to. It’s that simple! And any time you need to order a boat detailing kit for a customer, simply come back to this page to place your order.

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